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8 Unexpected causes of depression .. Your place of residence is most prominent

Depression is a common mental disorder. Worldwide, more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression. It is also the main cause of disability in the world and is a major contributor to the overall burden of the disease.

Depression arises from complex interactions between social, psychological and biological factors. People who suffer from difficult life events (unemployment, injuries, injuries) are more likely to be overwhelmed. also reported the following unexpected causes of depression:

Summer time: "The hot weather promotes individual depression as the body adapts slowly to new seasons from winter to summer," says Alfred Levy, a psychiatrist at Oregon's University of Health and Science in Portland. Seasonal emotional disturbance (SAD) is usually associated with the winter and lives about 5% of Americans. However, less than 1% of these people suffer from depression in the summer.

Smoking: Smoking has long been associated with depression. Nicotine is known to affect neurotransmitter activity in the brain, resulting in higher dopamine and serotonin levels. Smokers feel cigarettes are fortunate to them, but the truth seems different. A study by the New Zealand Ottawa University, which included 1,000 smokers aged 18 to 25, found that a cigarette smokes a person who has a depression problem. The results showed that these smokers had a higher risk of being overwhelmed than non-smokers. Even if, in their opinion, they use a cigar to avoid depression.

Thyroid gland: Thyroid gland is one of the most important glands in the human body, the shape of this gland is the butterfly on the front of the neck, and this is the hormone thyroxine is the main hormone produced by this gland that is responsible for the control of metabolism in the human body. Although depression is a mental illness, it can actually be a symptom for some of the clinical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, which can be treated with medication.

Bad sleep habits Properly sleeping habits cause depression. Therefore, doctors recommend that people get from 7 to 8 hours at night. A person should also have a specific time to sleep, and if he does not get enough sleep, he will easily become vulnerable to disturbances that cause him depression. "If you do not sleep, you do not have time to restore brain cells, brain activity is no longer successful and is one of the many factors that can lead to depression," says Matthew Edeland, director of the UN Development Program.

Facebook Plus: Several studies have shown that "excessive use of Facebook can lead to depression, especially for adolescents. Internet addicts suffer from real interactions with others, and their opinions about the world are unrealistic.

End of TV show or movie: Some people suffer from depression at the end of a television broadcast. In 2009, some incarnations said they felt frustrated and wanted to commit suicide, as the film reflected the unreal fantasy world. "Avatar helped move people to the imagination by taking them from the truth, and when they came back to reality, they found a difference that negatively reflected them," said Emilia Muir Goss, Professor of Communication at Columbia Ohio State University.

Place of residence: Research has revealed that "people living in urban areas are 39% more susceptible to mood disorders than rural residents." This article explains the study published in 2011: "Urban populations in the brain have more stress-management activities and higher stress levels can cause mental disturbances."

Lack of fish in the diet: The lack of Omega-3 fatty acids found in the lichen and vegetable oil diets leads to depression in the individual. In this regard, a 2004 Finnish study found that women are using less fish for food and depression. According to a study, these fatty acids are regulated by neurotransmitters such as serotonin, fish oil supplements can work to eliminate depression.

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