Sunday , February 28 2021

5 livestock towers according to each mother's principle I say ah Akoli is not "scorpion in the forefront"

Many believe that they are in contradiction with the prevailing habit or the distinctive characteristic of them, and when they work in many positions, there is stubbornness and misconduct of public opinion, as well as constellations and personal qualities in the world. The expert towers of Maya Naji that water towers and fire are the most important in terms of "stubbornness." Or, to admire the views of their children, adding that the most appropriate solution to these symbols is to give them full freedom of choice, and not to abandon the point where the proposal .

In the following lines, the most sophisticated 5 towers in many posts are reversed


I was born in Scorpio, especially a male independent personality, and to a large extent my love for myself, and in the perception of opinion, they can resist a group when you put forward any topic if you asked Scorpio to offer a trip to something in which you would like to express your opinion, and put him in his favorite place and convince the rest of the group.


Taurus people have actually analyzed the surrounding events, so it is difficult to convince them of the decision or the so-called execution fact, but it differs from the born Taurus, they are completely convinced of the validity of their opinions and do not accept them for debate and debate.


The balance of the air brings about a strong mood fluctuation that initially allows you to agree to the experience of experimentation and then back in the middle of the road on the pretext that it manages it and believed that it would not be better to go if you find a balance of the balance of the point, that is possible If you fight with him, he will never stop him.


As for the lion's descendants, they have great courage and enthusiasm, which makes them the perfect choice they prefer on their way, regardless of their number, no matter how difficult it is to find a situation where the son of a lion will perceive his opinion as long as he is convinced.


And Aries is born at the end of this list, where they respect their views, and want them to violate public opinion as a sort of excellence and appearance of love, as well as express themselves as neorthic personalities and often reinforce their position.

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