Saturday , January 29 2022

5 habits to accelerate aging


The "everdayhealth" website presented a detailed report on some of the habits that accelerate the onset of aging symptoms, and will show us a more realistic appearance, including:

1) Frequent anxiety and tension

Doctors believe that constant anxiety and stress is a quick reminder of age and the appearance of symptoms and signs on the face. When researchers explored the most sensitive genes of stress and mood, they found that these genes had changed negatively by weakening the mitochondria, which undergo chemical processes of energy production and body health, creating a sense of laziness.

A person who is accustomed to anxiety and tension usually feels tired and tired, which means that he is similar to the elderly and cannot practice the various activities and tasks performed by others at the same age.

2) the tendency to isolation

Doctors recommend avoiding isolation as they cause intellectual regression. Social relationships help to restore brain functions, a person who tends to sit alone, does not come into contact with the surroundings and avoids talking to others, often has a mental retardation that reduces brain activity.

3) eating foods that are unhealthy

Research has shown that many sugars rich in fat and unhealthy foods are one of the main causes of aging on the face. These poor eating habits increase the chances of heart disease and blockage of arteries, and cause weight gain and difficulty in movement, which means accelerating the signs of aging.

4) Delays

One of the fastest and fastest ways to speed up aging and signs of aging. You should avoid night sleep and stay overnight. During sleep, the body removes dead cells, replacing them with new cells that help maintain health and skin.

5) Sit in the wrong position

Usually, the habit of sitting in the wrong position while working or watching a mobile phone or tablet is all bad habits that accelerate the appearance of signs of aging by the doctors. This false situation causes problems in the joints and severe back and neck pain as well as the formation of spinal curvature and shoulder formation.

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