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«122» Cinema dancing creatively on people's feelings

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Was Tarek Lotfy the next movie star? The answer is yes, but before we arrive at this important point, you have to add that Tariq is step by step, but those who don't break one jump, their presence in the foreground is getting closer as they now have a place where they Feel that they are moving, Time, the maturity that is finished with low fire until we become all witnesses.

Before we finish, we have to stop the most important position Tariq reached because it is still a conditional technical work, which is certainly an attractive name for manufacturing companies to complete the technical project, but he himself will not be able to guarantee these billions in the office. rich course, attracting his ability, but he is still an actor first before the star, which means that he is basically an artistic work that allows to use the actor's talent to attract and illustrate the stars of Mohammed Ramadan, which you can put in. Steal Your Eyes, This Glow Allows It To Put On Your Nose The film is popular in the first weeks, no matter what content it offers, and then the fate of the work is determined by the strength of the artistic tape, but Tarek cannot be reflected in artistic work, so film 122 is an attractive film element.

The film is a creative part of a rich screen, a director who once again feels that we have an artist with his tools, with a deep eye, choosing size and angle and preserving his representatives, as well as making a film with visual and audiovisual appeal, thus Iraqi director Yaser Al -Yaseri opened the door and Egypt opened the door As usual for all talented people in different fields, adjusting the correct equation is that the cinema is equal to the director when he awarded the Tareq Lotfy tournament, aware of the mass flash that described the availability of this magic string to the public, but it is Conditional Cinematic Framework, Several stars such as David and Ahmed Khalil with Amina Mohamed Mamdouh with some watch.

Tarek Lotfy started 27 years ago when he was filmed by director Atef al-Tayeb "Blood in the blood." As soon as he graduated from the theater institute, Tayeb left early and the move was not completed, then he had another chance when he participated in the film "American" as the second friend of Henedi at Sakka in 1998 was the first candidate for Sharif Mounir, but Sharif thought he was will not remain behind Mohammed Henid, and that the first championship, and thus Tareq Lutfi, was unable to stardom, They took part in an ensemble, followed by popular jumps such as Ahmed El Sakka, Mona Zaki, Ghada Adel and Fatihi Abdel. Lawaab, Tariq's shadow (Mahal Sar ), the wave has not yet tuned people's senses, even moved to the drama of the TV drama champion in several serials, and then the series hero (after the start) drama to pick up the "black horse" title, just like the little general secondary screen and the big amount moves to the top colleges, like Amir Karara last year, Karamuz War, he repeated with Tariq Lotfi in his cinematography (122) and knowing the revenue on the way to them.

We are now launching a horror film about films that are never close to this section, without actually entering a definition maze, horror movie as I see him as the one who is most involved in this difficult arena because he doesn't respond to direct logic, not characters or drama, and he goes beyond his own law to take full advantage of the law of the film, and the horror film means that the viewer plays a role in the film game, It is not only passive, fully integrated into the depths of the border. It means that at any moment it is possible to surprise a person who imagined it end, is awakened and finished, characters that exceed human abilities in violence, one of the features of these films, and, for example, Tariq Lotfy, who is now appearing, has left the life, but you discover that you live again To complete the game, colleague Ahmed Dawood is capable of recovering life and strength, even in moments that appear before us and come back lived in the sea, and the floating seas from here and there spread the blood, is one of the general features. A nurse at the hospital, whose role was Cihan Khalil, full of makeup, and what was taken by Ahmed Daoud, a parallel hero in the film on the road. Before the incident, the man's appearance warned us that something was mysterious.

The beginning of events in the wild corridor and David tried to remove it in the foot of his mouth, it seems like a nightmare, but he does not leave because all the heroes coming to the end and killing are an inevitable fate to discover that this is the beginning that moves in moments between death and life, Morgan certainly plays a role in deepening the sense of terror, and that is why we see Ahmad al-Feshawi, who plays the role of a doctor with a cold heart and a scalpel obtained in morgue liver, heart or eye, he works in the trade of Tarek Lotfi organs, what will happen to Ahmed Dawood But when he finds he is still breathing, he can't finish The crime that is repeated with Amina Khalil, the script plays short when we see a weapon inside the scene inside the morgue drawer at Ahmed Fishawy's office, for example, paving the way for use when the conflict gets hotter and fiercer.

Hero Amina Khalila is deaf and uses a headset that helps her react as much as possible to others, but those approaching her start learning sign language and don't feel bored, and the dialogue is heard and seen at the same moment. The time of the film, which is precisely the time Ahmed Dawood and his wife, Amin Khalil, took part in the pregnancy, who wrote their book about it, and that the dramatic information was reasonable thanks to Salah Jahin's script, which was very professional to solve it. The audience is concerned about the fate of the next child and the scandal that the hero may face, and here we find that the receiver's indicator has deviated from the target. Film director is Tarek Lotfy, but you will not forget Ahmed Daoud with a high degree of admission and attendance, he has a special appearance, a hot spot with the viewer, Amina Khalil is at the forefront, Saif Arabi's music participates in the championship. The state of anticipation of illumination, confirmed by Amr Akef's editing, was not provided by Mohammed Lotfi and Ahmed Al-Fishawi, any fingerprint (122) movie reached our goal of joy using a screen created from the horror of creativity!

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