Sunday , June 4 2023

Why is iron deficiency in the body dangerous? On Friday


Australian and European researchers spoke of another common health problem in today’s world.

We are talking about iron deficiency. Lack of it can lead to anemia as well as other serious chronic diseases.

Iron deficiency is a common problem worldwide. It happens to young children and the elderly. In Australia, for example, 12% of women have an iron deficiency, and men experience this problem every tenth.

Deficiency is especially dangerous for women because they can pass on iron deficiency to their baby during pregnancy. This problem also often causes complications during pregnancy.

Although iron deficiency is often caused by a lack of iron in the diet, it can also indicate serious health problems, including heart failure, bowel cancer, or celiac disease.



It is very important to investigate the cause of iron deficiency. Patients should not take vitamins alone. If doctors do not accept it iron deficiency without a serious study of why this happens, serious health problems may go unnoticed. In some cases, they can be life-threatening, the scientists concluded.

A blood test is enough to find out the level of iron in your body. Doctors recommend that such an analysis be performed annually as a preventive measure.

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