Friday , February 26 2021

The Venus and Spica duet can be seen on Monday in the sky on Wednesday

RIAMO – November 14 The astronomers on Wednesday afternoon can observe the beautiful celestial phenomenon – Venus's convergence and the brightest star of the Virgin of Spain – said the press service of the Moscow planetarium.

"Only one degree divides the morning light. The sky duo will have the view of the Southern-Eastern horizons of Venus and Spice from 06:00 Moscow time until dawn, with a clear blown weather," the statement said.

As noted by the astronomer, the Moscow planetary employee Ludmila Koshman, now Venera can be seen in the morning in the form of bright "morning stars," Spke is visible near Venus.

"And although Spica is the 16th star in the sky, Venus is 100 times brighter than Spica! Venus ranks third in brilliance, the second in the sun and month alone, so on November 14, 2018, Venus will be one degree to the south. from Spica. The convergence of these two luminaires can be observed until December, "said Koshman.

Astronomical approximation is known as visible through a sky object (usually a star or planet) close to another in the celestial sphere. The distance between the luminaire is closer to 6-7 degrees.

Spica is a double star whose stars are sufficiently close to each other so that it can not be perceived as two separate stars in the telescope, although they are separated by 18 million kilometers. The two-star system rotate around the center of mass every four days every four days. Both stars in Spica's double system are bigger and hotter than Saula, and most of them are blue giant or subtitle.

Due to the attractiveness of gravity, both stars got the shape of an egg and turned to each other with sharp ends. Such signs have caused periodic changes in the radiation field at the observer. Therefore, Earth Spica is seen as a variable star.

Spica is 262 light years away from Earth. The word Spik comes from the Latin spice – the Virginia wheat ear. The ancient Greeks linked the constellation of one name with Demetri, the goddess of fertility and agriculture.

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