Sunday , March 7 2021

The Russian Bank increased its official dollar exchange rate and slightly lowered the euro

The official exchange rate of the US dollar, which has been set by the Russian Central Bank since November 14, has risen by almost 16 Cipres to 67.6812 rubles. At the same time, the single European currency lost almost 2 kopecks, and from tomorrow its rate will be 76.0737 rubles.

According to Aleksandr Razuvyev, Director of the Analytical Department of Alpari, "the external situation for the current session has been negative." "Brent barrel trade is $ 69.45 (minus 1%). The rumors and the decline in primary production have risen again yesterday, and continued to find a solution according to a more logical scenario. It's worth keeping in mind Saudi production activities. Most likely, in the near future one of the the major oil producers will announce similar plans, "the expert suggests in his report.

According to him, the pair of euro / dollar this time is slightly adjusted. "The main deals are about $ 1,1240, and the more this story develops, as it is likely to be $ 1.12 in the near future," says Razuvavaev.

He recalled that the Russian ruble opened the current trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange with a "weakening over foreign currencies", and now this trend continues.

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