Tuesday , March 21 2023

The first Sony PlayStation will appear on the shelves of the Russian Federation


Apparently, the company decided to refresh the memory of players on this model. At the same time, their nostalgic memories of impressive parameters should not be forgotten.

According to internal data, the very first Sony PlayStation will appear on Russian Federation readers. True, it's a little different from the original.

The design will remain unchanged, but the size will become compact. The device will weigh only 170 grams.

The device kit consists of a power adapter, an HDMI cable and two original control switches.

The disadvantages are that the insertion of the CD-ROM no longer works. "Performed" will be 20 in-kind games related to the generation when it was released.

Self-improvement of the games available on the device will become impossible. At the same time it can not be ruled out that in the future the developer himself will increase their number.

Of course, this will only happen if the tender receives a satisfactory request. Nostalgic gamers are hard to predict. At the same time, there are enough reasons to rely on the success of the novelty.

It is assumed that the device will be sold at the beginning of December. Its cost in the Russian Federation is expected at the level of 9 thousand rubles.

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