Tuesday , October 4 2022

Sverdlovsk Glatskih official removed from the Regional Political Council in United Russia – Politics


EKATERINBURG, November 8. / Tass /. Temporarily rejecting Olga Glatsky, director of the Youth Policy Department of the Sverdlovsk Region, was removed from the United Russia regional political council in connection with the annual rotation. This was announced by the TASS party press service.

In the past, a video of Glatski's meeting with young people in Kirovgrad was published on YouTube's video hosting service, where a government official said that the state "should not do anything for young people, but for parents" because it did not ask parents to give birth.

"Olga Glatchex was removed from the regional political council. Every year the body rotation is 10%," said the press service.

After appearing on the video, she apologizes for her statement, noting that she wants to "increase the motivation of young people to independently and actively develop and invest their energy and power in the process of self-determination, not just rely on the state." The words, according to the official, were removed from the context. Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Yevgeny Kuivashev, lifted Glatskihus from service to audit.

Glatskih – 2004 Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion. Since 2016, she is head of the youth policy department at the Sverdlovsk Region Administration.

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