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Southern Russia was occupied by deadly disease carriers. Reed


As expected, on Thursday, the European Union reacted with angry reproach to Donald Trump's proposal to return Russia to the G7. An older source in Brussels shared this information with Reuters.

European officials thus backed the position of the leading EU country, Germany, on the eve of Chancellor Angela Merkel and government spokesman Stefan Seiberg, who declared Russia's presence in the Seven undesirable.

Seven or eight?

Trump's proposal and the support of French President Emmanuel Macron in the expert circles were striking, as it is clear that there are no preconditions for Russia to return to the "Seven", the latter becoming "eight". Of course, this bold idea may also have its beneficiaries, except Trump and Macron (although Macron does not quite understand why), but the number of opponents will still be a magnitude.


There are several winners from Russia returning to G8 format, says Artem Dejev, head of analytics at AMarkets. – Geopolitical or macroeconomic decision-making without a major state is at least strange and certainly ineffective. Given that the Russian government has pledged never to refuse to cooperate with anyone, the exclusion of Russia from the G8 was seen by most participants as a manifest error.

In his view, despite the fact that Russia's return is in fact an opportunity for direct dialogue on key issues, some countries will try to use it as a trade advantage and a geopolitical deal, which is not really the case.

As for Trump himself, he is likely to simply take advantage of the situation and allow his supporters to profit from market volatility, Deev adds.

Old fox strategy

However, it is unlikely that the "all-American red fox" intends to predict Russia's return to the "Seven" just to allow someone to make money due to market volatility. This extravagant offer is likely to be a continuation of the story with the purchase of Greenland from Denmark. At least in terms of probability of implementation, these ideas are very close to each other.

Anything can be said about Trump, calling him an eccentric maniac, but throughout his life, extravagant antiquities (there were many) only contributed to his status and then his political career. If you look, Donald Trump came to the United States Presidency largely because of his eccentricity, offering people an image that is different from having time to dislike models. For better or for worse, America and the world will find out a little later. All that can be said with precision and certainty is that all his seeming eccentricity is by no means spontaneous, but subordinate to very specific purposes.

We dare to believe that Trump is one of the few world leaders to understand how the world has changed. He saw and was able to think that old schemes and clichés no longer inspire people, causing more irritation. Tired of self-adventurous cooking for decades, living without adventure for decades. The American president clearly feels the need for maturity, but the hitherto little-known need for irrationality, and is ready to meet it.

Significantly, despite his own penchant for adventure, the first and most serious bet on the adventure was made not by him but by his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin, who broke the rules and annexed Crimea. Apparently, this move inspires Trump, and so he often prefers Putin and Russia without thinking about it. He does not like the blatant bullying of the European bureaucracy and his own political opponents, only causing him to be fooled and ridiculed. Trump seems to feel the future and the path to what he believes is through adventure rather than rational political procedures.

Thus, both the "Greenland purchase" and "Russia's return to the G7" can be seen as a way for Donald Trump to move toward his own and the global future.

How good and safe is his chosen method?

There is no single answer to this question. On the one hand, it is clear today that existing rational methods do not solve the accumulated problems, be it geopolitical conflicts or economic confrontations. The world is at a standstill and the way out is not yet obvious. On the other hand, the way out of an adventurous world filled with deadly weapons and many controversies is full of terrible catastrophes.

Whether the old fox will be able to change the world with his adventures while not lowering it will become clear soon.

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