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Named the new release day for the last "throne game" season

22:48, 11/13/2018

The first episode of the eighth season will be released in April 2019.

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At the end of August, HBO's visual effects manager Joe Bower announced that the series of fantasy series "Thrones Game" will not be exhibited before next summer, as only work on special effects will be completed in May. But apparently the makers of the series are unfortunate to the fans, because today HBO reported on the official official Twitter page that the first episode from the final season will be released in April 2019.

"Every battle, every betrayal, every risk, every fight, every victim, every death, all because of the throne," says the video signature on the microphone. A short video also shows frames from the series for previous seasons and a few seconds from the eighth, the newest.

Named the new release day for the last "throne game" season

The exact release date of the new series is not reported, but it is already known that there will be only six episodes in the final season. The first begins with Winthrefella, with Daenerys Targaryen coming to his army, whose role was brilliantly performed by Emily Clark. This scene will refer to the very first episode when King Robert visited Stark. We add that Trojan makers last year spent more than $ 100 million. This series was the most successful project in the history of the HBO channel, before the "Clan Soprano" ratings.

Earlier it was reported that the "Game of the Thrones" will win the Emmy Award in 2020, releasing the next prize season. But this episode most likely to go to the air in May or June 2019. This year, the series became a triumph for the prestigious award winning seven statues in the category "Visual Effects", "Grim", "Staging Stunt", "Best Sound Reduction", "Production Designer's Work", "Costume Design" and "Best Music".

Shot from the "Game of the Thrones" series

At the end of September, the HBO television company announced it is about to turn the movie "saga movies" into a tourist site. In particular, the theme park will open in the Northern Ireland's Black Castle. Winterfell, Stark's Hometown and Royal Harbor Castle will have visitors. A museum will be created at the decorations, in which you will see with your own eyes your favorite series of costumes, weapons and accessories. In addition, tourists will have an interactive exhibit featuring great content for enhanced digital content, and anyone can not only immerse themselves in the throne of the atmosphere, but also feel like one of the epic heroes. By the way, the film landscape of Croatia, which is part of the Royal Harbor, is already open to visitors. The opening of tourist facilities in Northern Ireland is planned in 2019.

Shot from the "Game of the Thrones" series

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