Thursday , July 7 2022

Julia Vysotskaya with a dressing room and without lace accepted Dmitry Bykov's proposal


Actress made misunderstandings why the poet called her "a woman of resentment" because she made a decision without hesitation, persuasion and delay.

Russian writer, poet and publicist Dmitry Bykov yesterday wrote a video message addressed to Russian actress Yulia Vysotskaya. He noted that he recently watched in the movie "Paradise", an actress Andrei Konchalovsky, who showed him a very strong impression. Julie Vysotskaya played the main role in the picture, and the writer realized that she was basically a "resistance woman" of anything. He is convinced that this quality will be at the forefront and invited to take part in the "Direct Speech: Out Loud" at the Gogol-Centra Scene November 11th. Boris Pasternak, Sergei Mikhalkov, Pavel Vasiliev, Leonid Martinov, Nikolai Zabolotsky and Bykov would like to see how the director's role will fulfill this task.

In turn, Julia Vysotskaya did not answer the answer and recorded a reply video message. In a short clip she appeared in a bathrobe, without a make-up, in sunglasses and hands in a glass. At first she noted that she and her husband had long been overjoyed at how the writer called her a "woman of resentment," and then gladly accepted the offer of Dmitry Bykov. Fans noted that Yulia Vysotskaya is indeed a great actress and looks amazing even with a towel that is worn over his head and in a big cloth: "What beautiful are you, Julia, you're super", "I like to listen and watch! Wonderful." Some noted that there is a place for Bykov's note: "And the voice of superiority: and drink!" Bravo! "," Definitely resist the hero! Interested in the big director and do not drink water! "

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