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Ivan Urgants SUV shot in US – Russian newspaper

Russian actor and head of the exhibition, Ivan Urgan, was in an accident in America in his time. What the TV manager told the program "Evening Urgants". The release of the program, hosted by supermodel and actress Irina Shayk, is available on the official YouTube channel.

According to the artist, the accident happened on New Year's holidays: “I was cycling. The American was disrupted and I went with a jeep with a jeep shouting, "Ivan explained the circumstances of the incident.

Specifying that the SUV result in his unwanted attack was a sprain – and now he has a link to his hand at Urgant.

Forty Ivan turned in April. As an actor, Urgants is known for films and TV shows "Broken Lanterns", "33 square meters", "Tin", "Vysotsky. Thank you for living," almost all Yolki's anthology pictures.

Earlier it was reported that Urgants shaved his head "below zero" and in this form was photographed with a blue bike.

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