Thursday , March 4 2021

Investigation and trial: power structures:

Former Russian Minister of Economic Development Alexei Uļukakajevs, sentenced to two years in prison for receiving a bribe of two million dollars, told reporters about life in the Tver colony. Uļukakajeva's letter was published on on Tuesday, November 13th.

Answering a question about his previous work in the civil service, Ulyukayev noted that he did not know only his relatives and friends. In the colony he had only three dates a year. Ulyukayev also wrote that he was satisfied with the work of the colony library.

"The work in the library is quite interesting, and hopefully nothing is useful. The library here is good – more than 15 thousand books, mostly fiction. (…) More than 300 readers. Not only detectives and fantasies, but also serious books are read There is a rather interesting discussion, "he said.

The former minister said he regularly used fresh air to keep fit, but he left the yoga because there is no room for it. In his letter Ulyukayev refused to comment on the current economic situation in the country. "I'm afraid that in assessing the current state of the economy, I would be irresponsible – I do not have the information that it needs," he wrote.

On August 31, it was reported that Ulyukayev was taken to a prison hospital. In early June he served his sentence in Tver IK-1.

The official was convicted in December 2017. He was found guilty of accepting a $ 2 million bribe from Igor Secina, head of Rosneft, and sentenced to eight years in prison and a fine of 130 million rubles. As the court admits, Ulyukaev from the government of Rosneft demanded bribes to confirm the privatization transaction of Bashneft.


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