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"Grozny is a gingerbread dad, Godunov is weak and with light palms"


In the airFrom Russia 1, series "Godunov"- The project was taken very long and carefully. Almost like the" Throne Game. "With great actors, rich costumes and carefully crafted decorations. However, a simple viewer sees in the project not only this but also an attempt at history.


Anton P.

"And what we see in this product is the feeling that the school TYUZ was playing, and the school teacher found them in beautiful costumes, and some of the roles are played by the teachers of that school. Where is the stamp? Jupiter on this Godunov's bark? An afflicted boy just drives around with an ingretiating smile on his face, and it seems that the current directors did not see the aforementioned masterpieces close to the range.

Many here liked how well it fitted. Lavrov, fully compliant and hard to disagree with. Vladimir Steklov also plays very well – energetic, persuasive, good, just one-time, you always want to watch your game. "


"Makovetsky is the best. The rest – in no way, inclusive." Bezrukov. Some good actors are episodes. This hinders the fact that Klyuyev the priest plays, and therefore you wait to cry: "The power of Egypt!" In short, the movie Gerasimov this is not a good idea. "Peter's youth" you look and believe, and here – not always a successful set of images. "


"The girl, the captain's architect's daughter, is very beautiful, but she behaves like a schoolgirl-girl from a modern television series."


"Taking into account Pegas and Mikhalkova (not fat!) Hodchenkova – light weakness. How are you her Still have enough strength to wear a heavy brocade and a hat. From this face the actress is a constantly tense facial expression, you have to keep your head straight so that it does not drop from the wig's weight. "

We have in front of a historic canvas, adapted to the current perception. Photo: a shot from the movie

Before we have a historical canvas adapted to the current perception.Photo: frame from the movie


"Again" propiaril "of ancient Europe is about murder Terrible my son Brains and conscience were not enough to express another! "

Vladimir Mch

"A different kind of gray, cumbersome, incomprehensible, boring movie.

Bokasto funny impression sponsored by– custom movie. They were investing in decorations, costumes, accessories, and the director's flight did not feel.

In my opinion, Ivan's Friendly Image is a biased and cartoon that has not been wasted away from centuries of mistakes, and this film does not transport its tar bases in these muddy currents. "


"Bezrukov in this series reminds me of Yeshua from" The Master and Margarita. "The same subject of the lamb to slaughter. Godunov? No, not even close! Fine, with small features, facials, Painted eyes, Short Feeble (clothes, for example, on the hanger ) For sick palm trees and inflammatory whispers. Terrible – what kind of gingerbread grandfather with an idiotic embarrassment. It seems that now the distribution of sweets will begin. "


"Small, weak Bezrukovs like Godunov and plan (plan is sick) long Khodchenkova with a red wig about head. Milk, not the first freshness, glued beards. Why do all the actors make their big beard for the Vikings? Godunova costume is clear is great Bezrukovs And Khodchenkova is just one role-play costume – a small red flax from "house arrest". Skinny yes high – in the Middle Ages Russia she will leave her old maid and finish her life at the monastery. "

Mary Ivanna

"I turned to see what kind of movie, because" Russia "has had such a powerful statement that they say is a movie of all time and people! And immediately shut down." The selection of participants … not the Red Army. "Investigator Kovalchuk, ubiquitous Khodchenkova, tyzhebratovmne Sukhorukovcrazy grandfather Voronin, Kolokolnikov – there was an animated original of a movie (comedy The Happy End, the actor was singing the penis – Auth.) Plus the bomber killer Merzlikin as some ambassadors … Does something creators smoke? They think that more domestic "stars" are crowded, the more successful this image will be? "


The series "Godunovs" is a great hitPhoto: frame from the movie

Lightweight rider

"Why did Semciev be defeated by whipping on a historic site where there was a similar public death penalty – is there a place of origin? There is no place where punishment could be seen on people in the Red Square and sovereign from the Kremlin's wall, but around where eyelashes were seen only in the vicinity. Again, again, "nakosyachili." Bezrukovs is not Boris, but the natural Pasha Kravtsov from the site. He is not tied to the role of key historical figures. "

Tamara Evgenievna

"Ivan the Terrible died at age 53, the actor stares at 80. Women with such external data, without the elderly, would not have the opportunity to become a queen. Princes are also not the first freshness at the bridegroom's age. Scientists, using modern technologies, have already proved that Grozny did not lose By the way, during the life of the king, they called him the Most Expensive, and he was horrible for the enemies of the orthodox. "


"It's particularly troublesome that Sergey Ursulyak Daria's daughter, Sergey Ursulyak Daria, is taken out as Xunia's daughter, Xenia. Well, at least the authors of this magazine read the Wikipedia article: Ksia Godunova was incredibly beautiful with big black eyes, with two thick "similar tubes" black cords. And here, please, unusual D. Ursulyak "


"Khodchenkov and Bezrukov do not look together, she does not have the role of costumes at all, her appearance is really fashionable (both face and figure). This was already seen in the films" Viking "," Vasilisa ", and she looked like funny historical costumes. Andreevaas if without changing, she shifted from the "Sofia"Although she is more suitable for such roles."



"The same calls: fit – not good, it was – it was not. But this view (writing me quietly) kills directly. Can an adult have a reason? Is it a joke? So, and Ustyugov, and Kovalchuk, etc., should be members of the same role? Because Marivanovna does not have enough brain to understand the character and fantasy of the actor's work to be shown in another role.

Then how to dare Niculin, except Balbias, took the second lieutenant Glazychevymsoldier Necrosov at Bondarchuk, Monk Patrick Andrey Rublevsky"How to dare the director Papanova after Lelix fired in war movies? Just do not write: where Papanov, and where Ustyugov. We always have to try ourselves for another skin "

D. King

"Forget that the series is artistic, not documentary, or a chronicle. The film / series is a cinematic work, a product of artistic creation based on a fictional piece contained in the script and interpreted by the director … I emphasize the fictional story!"


The series "Godunovs" – a project that was taken very long and carefullyPhoto: frame from the movie


"Any film is wearing a time stamp, not because creators try to modernize the story, but they are already looking at it with today's eyes. Remember Bondarchuk's" War and Peace, "which hairstyles for women is: long, with huge overheads, such as the 60's. time model … Today's demand for harmony, and it is immediately reflected in the film. "


"So the passport data is more important to you than an artistic image?" You do not have a passport office? "


"It's so brainy, cheerful and skillful. Otherwise, how could a crooked career in court? A very persuasive sector, through the door smoke just touching." At first I wanted to find fault with oprichniki, not brooms, and the head of a dog, look there! "


"I'm glad to watch the movie. Everything is in the highest grade. Not just words, but also.

A negative overview is also expected. Some viewers apparently stood with candles in all cases. Everyone knows exactly how it was and how it is not. As in any story, everything is known to be known. Gentlemen, enjoy the wonderful work of the film maker and leave your grumbling against other works. "

Reviews were taken from the sites kp.ru, kino-teatr.ru, filmpro.ru and Facebook.

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