Wednesday , August 21 2019
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Google deleted half of the websites – technologies

Google's search engine concealed Thanos gloves on his pages
One of the most powerful creatures of Marvel Comic Universe.

If you ask a search engine a question and then click
image of glove with Infinity Stones, then from search results
half of the information will be phased out in a random order.

To return lost materials, it is necessary again
press the glove. In the world, unusual Easter eggs appeared on the spot
The Avengers premiere and surpassed the idea of ​​destroying titanium for half of life
galaxy creatures.

According to the land, Thanos with his fingers puts on gloves.
infinity, half of the creatures turn to dust. Avengers. Finals came out
The world rent on April 24 in Russia, the movie begins in cinemas on April 29th.

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