Saturday , March 6 2021

Due to rabies in the Amur region, foxes and raccoon dogs will be taken

Taking into account the rabies case in the Mikhailovsky area, the Amur Region Animal Protection Department decided to step up efforts to regulate the number of predators. Hunters must collect 40 foxes and 20 raccoon dogs.

Such predators are most dangerous when the virus spreads. Hunters' brigades are already organized to shoot animals. Extracted persons will be sent to the regional veterinary laboratory for research. Experts will check whether rabies virus is spreading to wild animals.

The regional authorities draw attention to the Amur people that rabies is dangerous to humans. Infected animals are often aggressive. Experts recommend caution in the wildlife environment and, during the meeting, do not come close to predators, especially injured or sick.

The rabies virus affects the animal and human central nervous system. As it grows along the nerves, it reaches the brain and causes inflammation. When infected, usually the animal starts to bark or put it. There is a strong saltination with foam and vomiting, there may be fear of water.

Any cases of detection of dead or sick animals, mainly foxes and rabbits, must be reported to the Amur Animal Department, as explained by the regional authorities.

On November 13, reported that a cow with clinical signs of rabies was discovered on Mikhailovsky's own private forest farm. Employees of the Veterinary and Livestock Department of the Amur region went to the epizootiological inquiry.

The cows' brain was sent to the regional veterinary laboratory for research. As a result, the diagnosis was confirmed. The quarantine is established in the territory of the holding. There has been no rabies in the Amur region for many years. However, outbreaks are periodically observed in neighboring regions.

Veterinary administration reminds amour residents about the need to vaccinate animals. To be vaccinated against rabies, you need cats and dogs, a veterinarian's passport for vaccination.

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