Saturday , May 15 2021

Doctors have found a way to save people from deadly peanut allergy: Science: VladTime

London Children's Hospital staff, together with King's College staff, conducted a study of 500 people aged 4 to 17 who suffer from deadly peanut allergy.

Experiment was carried out for 12 months. Initially, a small proportion of peanuts and placebo were given to children. Peanut doses increased steadily. After the study, doctors said they had found a way to save people from deadly allergies by developing a tolerance method. Initially, participants in the experiment could not eat peanuts, and by the end of the year 67% of them easily eaten two whole nuts. An English medical journal distributes information about this study.

The problem of peanut allergy in the 1990s became very topical. Then many people began to notice the symptoms of the disease, such as itching, hives, eczema, facial swelling. Doctors have repeatedly criticized patient complaints. Professor Nicholas Kristakis of Harvard is convinced that the problem is psychological. Actually, realistic peanut allergy is quite rare, and people invent non-existent diseases.

Dombrovskis Sergey


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