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do not belong to the Epic Games Store with Piracy – Gambling

In early March, the studio Coffee stains (Goat simulator) has become a pioneer in the gaming industry.

Engineering Simulators Developers Satisfactory were the first to cancel Steamfree the game to put it in the store An epic gaming store. However, on the second day they reported that they only sold nine copies of the game, taking into account a couple of returns.

As for the number of copies sold, Satisfactory has been updated. There are now nine of them. Some players have requested a refund.
We hope you do better than ours because it's not that difficult.

Though the large-scale projected projects are sold well in any store, the indie game, which is little known to the general public, is lost even to half the empty EGS shelf. As reported by Coffee Stain, it was possible to sell 11 copies of the game since the first release. True, two players demanded a refund.

However, everything seems to be a trolley for developers, because on various video hosting sites like YouTube, the game is still quite popular among bloggers and viewers.

At the same time, the 'low popularity' of the project and all the engineering forces of the Epic game could not prevent a satisfactory flow to the currents.

You can become a criminal and steal thirty people who have spent three years creating a satisfactory job just because they didn't get the desired launcher.
Or you can act as an adult: just go and play something else.
Choose you.

So the developers responded to the already deleted Twitter. It said: "Steam or torrents, your choice. I don't mean an epicam penny".

Despite the sad experience, Satisfying Authors are not yet willing to return to Steam. Can't.

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