Tuesday , March 21 2023

Divorce Mary Poroshinoy | teleprogram.pro


According to parents, the daughter's marriage to Ilju Drevnov was supposed to collapse many years ago.

Maria Poroshinoy's mother Natalia Krasnojarskaya is also a professional actress. She also changed her husband several times. By the way, one of them, as well as Mary's step-daughter's nephew, was nothing more than Dmitry Nazarov, a star of the current television series "Kitchen". Poroshina still believes that it is better to imagine a father than Nazarov. This suggests that Mary has flourished in the real male environment and is accustomed to it. And, having chosen Ilju Drevnov as a husband, she was wrong. The man turned out to be infantile, but the actress lived with him for 17 years, working for two and giving him three children – today 12-year-old Seraphim, 8-year-old Agrafen and 2-year-old Glafira.

Natalia Krasnojarskaya said in the program "You Will not Believe!" – "Masha even built a house alone, but he did not want it." "I did not want it for a long time, there are men raised by men, and there are those who live for boys. , said it was an extra expense. I myself was teaching him to hold a bore in my hands. "

Poroshina met a new love, a man who is the father of her son. The child should be born in January. Until the young elect will offer the actress, he will no longer be with her all the time, because he lives in Spain, writes StarHit.

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