Sunday , October 2 2022

Čerešov declared the Russian team's team in games with Germany and Sweden


Russian national team coaching staff led by Stanislav Cherchesov decided to list the players who will be invited to prepare for the test game with Germany (Leipzig on November 15) and the UEFA League of Nations with Sweden (Solna, November 20).

This list has 26 players.

Goalkeepers: Guilherme Marinato (Lokomotiv), Andrey Lunev (Zenith), Anton Shunin (Dynamo).

Defenders: Georgy Jikia (Spartak), Fedor Kudryosov, Jehor Sorokin (both are Rubins), Romans Neustedters (Fenerbahce), Constantine Rauss (Dynamo), Andrei Semenov (Akhmat), Kirill Nababkin, Mario Fernandes (both are CSKA).

Midlines: Ilzat Akhmetov (CSKA), Yuriy Gazinsky (Krasnodar), Alexander Golovin (Monaco), Roman Sobnin (Spartak), Alexander Erohhin, Daler Kuzyaev (both – Zenith), Alexey Ionov (Rostov), ​​Ruslan Kambolov (Rubins), Alexei Miranchuk, Anton Miranchuk (both "Lokomotiv"), Denis Cheryushov ("Valencia").

Forward: Artyom Dzyuba, Anton Zabolotny (both are Zenit), Dmitry Poloz (Rubins), Fyodor Chave (CSKA).

Events that are worth paying attention first.

The gates are the same

The goalkeeper line remained unchanged compared to the previous gathering, before which it was learned about Akinfeev's departure. Both games against Sweden and Turkey in October played Guilherme without losing the goal. But then Cherchev's decision, inclusive, was not explained by the best form Lunev, who came from injury with Zenith. What will be the choice of training staff this time?


The key to defense is the return to Nababkin's national team, which last hosted it in February 2013. Here, obviously, the factor of Smolnikov's injuries and, firstly, Cyril will be considered to be broken down. Mario Fernandez the right-hand side. It is also worth noting that another representative from St. Petersburg, Nabiullins, who had started losing to the Černov racing club, lost ground in the application. The main central defender in the 2018 World Cup was Kutepov, who recovered from the injury, and he did not have the time to get the optimal form (and against the background of the Spartak puddings) while out of the cage.

Miranchuk Reunion

For the first time after the World Cup, Miranchuk's bunch. First, in September, the collection of Cherchesov did not name any of them, in the second, only Alexei. Now the two brothers are good, and Anton is also one of the best current scorers in the team. Therefore, everything is logical and consistent.

The galvanized has been introduced, despite the difficult times when he is in Monaco – and that's great. And very interesting and a new figure in the middle row was Akhmetov, for which this is his first challenge to the national team. Ilzat is very mature in this season playing position guard opornik. Until now, his appearance is definitely an advance for the future (note that the list has 26 members, not 23), but in certain circumstances he may also get a few minutes. Especially if Chalov enters the field with which Akhmetov has a great link.

But Dzagoev, he cured and consistently played, but was unable to end himself after several injuries, this time Cherchesov did not use.

Why zabolotny

Many will rejoice: why did Zabolotniy call for several times? Antanas has started to play in Zenith very little (only one complete game of the season and in October – 93, 93, 82 and 86 minutes respectively – four substitutions), but have not submitted yet one goal in the championship or in the European League. But even here Cherchezov's logic can be understood: he respects the chosen system of games and style and understands that in any case he needs a rescuer attacker, doing a lot of power work and providing a way out of defense. If another "second Juzba" appears in Russia, Zabolotnya may not be at least with such seasonal figures.

Chalov Finally!

Yes, Fedor finally got a call to the main team from Cherchesov after a long wait and an angry autumn call. The qualifying round of the youth team is over, and he no longer has to cope with the breaks. Interestingly, Chalov's return came at a time when he was not statistically in the same order as in August and September. In October, the CSCA was the only one goalkeeper who defeated Anji. But he still had to get a call in light of his success and progress, as well as the simple reason why he was able to help the team play a different style in a positional and quick attack.

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