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Carlos Ghosn said he was a victim of conspiracy

Former Renault-Nissan concern chief Carlos Ghosn has been arrested in Japan since 19 November, accusing serious financial violence, and only now is he the first chance to share his opinion with the press about the situation he was in.

In an interview with the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei, Gon said that all this was done by communicating with him in a conspiracy and betrayal. According to him, several high-level Nissan executives tried to prevent plans to combine Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi on one farm.

He said he had discussed this plan with Nissan President Hiroto Saikawa and suggested that the leader of Mitsubishi Osama Masuke would also be in the conversation, but Saikawa might have wanted the meeting to be one-to-one.

Carlos Ghosn claims that the charges against him have been inspired by Nissan's leading leaders and are still denying everything. However, his detention may continue for a long time because the request for release from fear was rejected.

After his arrest, Gona was removed from his leading positions, first Nissan, then Mitsubishi, and a recent Renault decision was taken recently.

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