Saturday , June 10 2023

Baranovskaya strives to keep Pugachev and Galkin marriages: Show Business: VladTime


The TV manager publicly denied rumors of romance with a humorist, fearing that in the event of divorce between Allah Borisovna and Maxim, her reputation as a researcher would be fixed and the public hated him.

Recently, the Web is increasingly talking about the upcoming divorces of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugachova. The unclean culprit in the family is called Julia Baranovsky, with which a humorist in the summer seems to push the novel back, and now she plans to leave her from her wife.

The television spokesman realized she could take her position in the scene as a researcher who destroyed the main star's pair. Fearing for national rage and falling ratings, the male / female leader decided to stop silent and talked about a relationship with a humorist. Baranovskaya rumored that the affair with a diva man is a lie distributed by sick people. Yulia noted that Maxima had seen three months, so romance can not be any novel.

Perhaps the love affair between Galkin and Baranovsky was still there, but it ended as fast as it began. A possible divorce between Pugachev and Galkin made the First Channel's presentation talk about relationship with the show, which practically caused a scandal. Playing with HYIP about news with a humorist, Baranovsky is now struggling to save a colleague's marriage and completely refuses to talk about intimate relationships with her spouse Pugachev. Baranovskaya is interested in the fact that Alla Borisovna and Max's marriage is strong, as in the event of divorce between Pugachev and Galkin television broadcast ratings will decline significantly, and Channel One's management may completely abandon Baranovska, which will undermine the reputation of the channel.

Miroslava Dontsova


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