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"According to the drum": Efremov responded to the proposal to punish him as "Father's betrayal"


One of the brightest Russian artists, the descendant of the famous dynasty Mikhail Efremov on the eve of its anniversary it was attacked by patriotism, according to some of our compatriots. The idea of ​​punishing Efraim was a well-known criticism of his over-loyal attitude to the current Kiev authorities, and, plainly, contradictory statements about the Crimea. As a fine, it was suggested that Efremov be deprived of the title "Dear Russian Artist", which he granted in 1995 with the Russian First Presidential Decree Boris Yeltsin.

Federal News Agency decided to ask Mikhail Efremov how he was involved in the campaign that he initiated and on the proposal to remove him from the title "honored".

"It does not matter to me. For Drum Goodbye," the actor briefly responded and hanged.

To explain whether it is true for every careless phrase that it immediately begins to kidnap domestic pets (and Efremov undoubtedly refers to this) Federal News Agency appealed to the author of the idea to take away the honorary titles – a member of the expert council on the development of information society and media in the State Duma, blogger Vadim Manukyan.

"YouTube has a lot of entertaining videos Mikhail Efremov In Ukraine, "said Manukyan," Of course, everyone saw their resonating performance on Ukrainian radio (there, according to critics, Efremov did not speak about Russia – about FAN), but it was his numbers of concerts that even frightened me more. If in Russia they it looks like humor and satire, then abroad, especially in Ukraine, which declared Russia "an aggressor country", a similar format of the performance, I regret it, is already based on the betrayal of the Father. "

On the eve of his anniversary, Mikhail Efremov was attacked by a lack of patriotic behavior

A member of the Advisory Council of the Council of State explained what exactly he was shouting about Efremov's speeches in Ukraine.

"The intrepid misery of Russia and its citizens – and this is all about entertainment for Ukrainian viewers", the blogger is outraged. – Imagine that the same program is funny about Ukraine, and the Ukrainians will arrive in Russia or will perform the same Russian radio Andrei Danilko (scene image – Verka Serduchka. – approx. FAN). Can not imagine Well, at home, he can criticize his country, his government, to be dissatisfied with what's going on around him, but he does not get anywhere and keeps Ukraine in the mud. "

Manucjane said, in today's difficult circumstances with talented and most famous people and the demand is greater.

"Trusted and popular artists in times of such a difficult period of relations between countries have a great responsibility," said the FAN official. "It is the artists who, in order to hijack the painful points in the interests of allies, should become the fragile bridges that will help restore normal relations between Russia and Ukraine in the long run. If you have received the honorary title, then you are proud and do not tolerate the country and its people abroad. "

And since Mikhail Efremov is not the first to allow inaccurate statements about Russia and the Crimea, Manukian thinks that his example should be shown in the second example.

"That's why I believe that, using Efremov's example, it would be right to develop a mechanism for the recall of honorary titles. Otherwise, what kind of" national "or" honorable "are you if you are unfit for your country abroad and you do not have to assume any responsibility for that? " Vadim Manukyan.

We will remind you that the leader of the Russian folk artist group "Time Machine", who was seriously criticized, appeared for the post-Kiev-controlled Donbass, as well as for his post in the Crimea. Andrey Makarevich.

Earlier, the Russian folk artist Andrei Makarevich was seriously criticized for speaking in the part of the Kiev-controlled Donbass, as well as for his situation in the Crimea.

As a result of the referendum, Crimea reunited with Russia in March 2014, with more than 95% of the citizens of the peninsula voting for this decision. As repeatedly emphasized in Moscow, this was done in full compliance with international law. The Kiev authorities, as well as most Western countries, did not recognize the legitimacy of Russia's accession to the Crimea. As a result, a series of sanctions were imposed on the Russian Federation, including the Crimean Republic.

In July 2014, the State Duma passed a law on criminal penalties for public appeals to "give away the Crimea". Responsibility for appeals for separatism is governed by Article 280.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, known as: "Public appeals for action to violate the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation".

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Efremov March 10, is 55 years old.

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