Wednesday , September 22 2021

A large diamond has been found on Putin's Rambler / Finance Open Deposit

The first large diamond weighing 51.49 was discovered on the new Verkhne-Munsky deposit in Yakutia. TASS reports referring to the press service of the company "Alrosa".

Diamonds were obtained from the Zapolyarnaya pipe ore, from the field forming one of the four kimberlite pipes. The detector is a translucent square with an octagonal shape with a slight yellow hue. The estimated age of the produced crystal is over 350 million years.

Medvedev suddenly stopped the Russian railway driver hearing about progress
The Upper Munskoye diamond store is located in the Yakutia Olenek ulus, 170 km from the Udachninsky Mining and Processing Plant Alrosa. The process of upgrading the diamond mining process began on October 31st. Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony with video from the Kremlin.

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