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7 “golden” age menu rules. Nutritionist – how to eat after 65 years Proper nutrition Health


Although many people over the age of 65 are self-isolated, they move less. Therefore, it is now especially important to monitor diet, it is recommended Julia Chekhinin, Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Research Center, Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety.

Cook the right sandwich. It is usually used in sausage, cheese, butter and white bread. These are all high calorie foods. Older women need butter and cheese to eat. But the sausage in the morning sandwiches can be completely removed and replaced with fish or pollock liver or cod. I would even recommend splitting such a sandwich into two receptions: with cheese or butter for breakfast and fish a little later, at lunch. This will distribute calories more evenly throughout the day. It is better to replace the white loaf with bran.

Don’t forget about adequate protein intake. After the age of 65, muscle mass is often lost due to reduced locomotor activity, including chronic diseases, so protein is needed. His sources meat, fish, poultry, egg white, cottage cheese. You need to make sure you have 2-3 servings of protein meals a day. Chicken breasts have the least amount of fat. But better to choose a chicken without skin because of the skin it is an additional 500 kcal per 100 g.

We prepare cereals. It is important to follow diversity in your diet to get more nutrients you need. Whole grain porridge it is also a source of dietary fiber. Semolina is practically free of dietary fiber. But if you like semolina, you need to replace it with oatmeal and other cereals and thus increase the amount of dietary fiber. You can also mix different cereals and discover a new taste of the familiar porridge.

We drink at least one glass of fermented milk drink a day. Better 2-3. Milk protein is easy enough to digest. Plus dairy products it is a source of calcium. Kefir or yogurt is better to choose natural, without added sugar.

Vegetables are best chopped and cooked if possible. to reduce the load on the chewing machine. Beets and carrots, cabbage quite acceptable and useful products. For example, you can boil beets, grate, add herring (it is better to pre-soak it in water or milk to remove excess salt). You will receive a delicious and healthy snack. Beets it is the best means of stimulating intestinal motility. It is rich in dietary fiber. In addition, beets contain a unique substance called betaine, which gives them this color. It improves cell and liver metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Herring it is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential in old age and reduces blood viscosity, as well as improves blood circulation, promotes immunity and prevents atherosclerosis. In addition, fatty fish contain vitamin D.

We supplement vitamin C. Maintaining immunity in old age is extremely important. Some of the best sources of vitamin C. berries. For example, rose hips or sea buckthorn, cherries, blackcurrants (now frozen). You can add them to tea, prepare decoctions, compotes.

We replace sweets, cookies, gingerbread with healthier desserts. Dried fruits soaked in hot water (dried apricots, prunes) are perfect for tea. Another healthy alternative to cookies and sweets for tea cheese cakes. You can cook charlotte with apples, it is less calories than store-baked goods. If you just want something sweet, better make fruit puree. And a serving will be more than one candy. These home-made fruit purees can achieve many positive effects. get the expected sweet taste and benefit both the intestines and the gallbladder (in old age there are often problems with digestion, difficulty emptying the intestines) and the state of the intestinal microflora. Fruits and berries it is a mass of nutrients that are good for health, including immune support.

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