Thursday , March 30 2023

Why Volkswagen didn't want to open a factory in Romania. What about Bulgaria and Turkey


"The investment should not go to Bulgaria, which lacks labor, but not to Romania, which has no infrastructure. Turkey is the ideal economic location," he said, quoting Hotnews.

According to her, Turkey is famous for the buses and accessories produced there, a country with some of Europe's largest factories.

Kanca said Volkswagen would have agreed to produce vans at the Ford Otosan factory, where the Ford Transit model was built. Ford Otosan is a farm between Ford and Koç Holding, one of Turkey's largest exporters. Last year, Volkswagen and Ford said they would work to share production in some places to save.

Kanca says that entrepreneurs in Tucea have a good idea of ​​the country, and if Volkswagen starts to produce on the assembly lines of the Ford Otosan Kocaeli province, it will improve the perception of many Germans about Turkey. German in Turkey ".

In 2017, Ford produced 440,000 commercial vehicles, but also 75,000 engines, the largest utility provider on the market.

In 2017, more than 550,000 commercial vehicles and 1.1 million cars were produced in Turkey. For comparison, in 2009, 350,000 commercial vehicles and 510,000 cars were produced.

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