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Virginia Ruzici and Ion Ţiriac on the coach of Simone Halepa: "Andrei Pavlov's option is turned off" | Other sports, Other sports, Sports, Tennis, Last hour, Last hours

Simon Halepa, Virginia Ruzici, said on Wednesday that he would take into account all the options offered by the Romanian player for the coach, but they needed patience to make a good decision.

"The situation is a bit unexpected, unprecedented, because it never happened to her, but after four years of co-operation, it's logical that some relationships will end." The Darren's decision seems to me very respectable. After a four-year journey with Simon all over the world and seven years ago, it's time take care of the family. All respect for Darren and Simon's life goes forward.

What's next? These news are fresh, give us time and when you are organized, you will find out. I do not know if the next trainer will be Romanian or foreigner. We will consider all the opportunities that we have already offered, but also the other ones that we can look for. So it requires a lot of patience, "said the former tennis player.

Ruzici excluded new co-operation with coach Andrej Pavel: "Andrei is busy, now he is working on Marius Kopin. So this idea does not exist."

The former tennis player is optimistic about Simone Halep's results in 2019, although he admits that the start of the year will be a bit more difficult. "Simona is still very optimistic, the second year is still the world's first. She believes and everything that matters is healthy and trained. She's likely that she won the Grand Slam last year, or maybe in 2019 she will win two. Of course, it's going to be a difficult time now, because it's been a moment since she did not play because of back pain. So the beginning of the year will not be easy, but I'm very optimistic. Wimbledon is a nice goal, but to achieve it with great confidence, you have to be good We should all be patient, we must immediately criticize it as it's lost in the game, "said Ruzici.

On Wednesday, Ion Tiriac, a tennis player, said that Simona Halep, WTA 1st Rank, is much better mentally than physically, arguing that the medical problems faced by her from time to time are caused by inadequate training at the age of 14-15.

"Simon Halep has huge pros, but he has some problems. Her problems are 10 or more years old when she was not taught to work in 14-15 years. Quantitative rather than qualitative. And that's because she has too much talent. If you have too much talent, you compensate for something else. She has fighting power, mental health is much stronger than her body, and then in hard times he does not think of physical. The mind exceeds the physical one, but from time to time it terminates physics, "said ıiriac .

"Simon takes everyone who finds and is a coach, I do not know. The coach is a man who, at the age of 14, takes up a child and takes him to the age of 22-23 and makes him the first place in the world. But maybe this coach was happy. maybe the child did a coach, not the other way round.If the coach has a child yet another and one and he has the same route then he knows for sure about his work. It's too late to appear, but 25 years was the only job I knew. I would give her a coach's name to her, but I do not know. I do not know any coaches, honestly, Darren gave him credit, she knew tennis. One of the few who gives him credit is that he took 2-3 players and picked them up. But today it's not that simple. Sports have changed, the world has changed, so I do not have the names of coaches, "he said. explorer

"I do not know what coach to choose, Simon knows best. I said he did not need a coach. When I was playing, in the corner of the field, I was a lady, and I was better inspired … I'm sorry. But I think that when you are a world The first number is no longer a coach, I do not need a coach anymore, maybe I organize my workouts and schedule, but as a tennis player, Simon Halep knows what to do. I will not set him off to punish me again, jump judges, I get angry. But she knows how to play tennis, she does not need, "explained Ilie Nastase.

Ruzici, Năstase and Ţiriac participated in the event organized on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Tiriana collection, the first Romanian private public gallery, which combines both classic and moto models produced since 1899, as well as the younger generations that belong to the most important world manufacturers.

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