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Video | Video Juventus – 1-2. Jose Mourinho, defiantly gestured in Turin, when the United won the Juventus

  • Series A, Step 12: Milan – Juventus it's Sunday afternoon 21:30 Digi Sport 2

  • League 1, Stage 15: Dynamo – FCSB it's Sunday afternoon 21:00 Digi Sport 1

Video Juventus – 1-2 Manchester United has had a fantastic return with Juventus from Torino. Playing 65 minutes after the sensational deployment of Christiane Ronaldo, United did not seem to be able to return to the game.

Only the end of the game was absolutely amazing. Manchester United the result was returned through Mat (& # 39; 86) and his own goal Bonucci (& # 39; 89). Immediately after the last whistle, Jose Mourinho freed Juventus fans. Portugal tied his hand to his ear as he went to the lawn.

Leonardo Bonucci interrupted and tried to calm down Mourinho, with American captain Ashley Young interfering. On the way to the locker room, Mourinho was also apostolic to Dybala.

VIDEO with Jose Mourinho's delight

Video Juventus – 1-2. Jose Mourinho contrasted with Juventus fans in Manchester

Jose Mourinho (55 years old), a red devil technician, once again impressed the media when he again received a three-finger greetings, this time the recipients were champions of the Italian champions.

The significance of the three-handed gesture is indeed a direct reference to Jose Mourinho's triple play with Inter Milan in 2010 when he won Serie A, the Italian Cup and the UEFA Champions League title Chelsea reminded of the three titles he won with London the band

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