Saturday , June 3 2023

VIDEO. “Patrolling” a large herd of wolves, filmed by a camera installed in the forests of Brasov


A large herd of patrolling wolves was filmed by a camera installed in the forests of Brasov. A group of eight animals is led by a woman who paves the way for other wolves, Mediafax reports.

Images of patrolling wolves at night were captured with a camera installed in the forests of Brasov. The record shows several wolves led by a woman. It leads a herd and paves the way for wolves.

“Every time we analyze the images taken by the surveillance cameras, we have a pleasant surprise. It happened now. I discovered spectacular images of a herd of wolves caught” patrolling “the forests of Brasov. The first passed the dominant female, who” groped “at “After a while, the rest of the wolves appeared in the herd, because these animals are shy, cautious.

According to experts, there are at least four flocks of wolves in the forests of Brasov. About 22 wolves have been identified in the hunting fund, which is managed by Kronstadt’s local state forest administration, including some solitary ones that are not part of the herd. However, accurate determination of the wolf population is almost impossible, given that these animals cover very long distances and do not respect human “limits”, experts say.

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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