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Video | Danube Calarasi – Hermannstadt LIVE VIDEO (16:00, Digi Sport 1). Derby to avoid downgrade

27.04.2019, 18:04

  • Football, Italy, Stage 34: Inter – Juventus (Saturday, 21:30, Digi Sport 1)

  • Football, League 1, Exclusion, Round 7: FCSB – Astra (Sunday, 21:00, Digi Sport 1)

The suffering of Derby, Danube Kalarasi – Hermannstadt ended when it started, ie 0-0. The hosts have tried to imitate the beginning of the game at the famous Anfield, Liverpool home.

Before the demo derby with Hermannstadt, Danube Calarasi players were motivated by the famous "Youll Never Walk Alone", but Alexa's team finished third in a row. Sibenii asked for a penalty when Jazvic hit Luchin's hand, which Ovidiu Haţegan ignored. Gabi Iancu was the largest Danube. He tried his luck twice, starting with a free kick, before the end of the game 0-0. Alexa players remain under the line. The above point is Hermannstadt, on the dam.

At the 8th stage of the game, the Danube goes to Dynamo and Sibians goes to the media.

Danube Calarasi – Hermannstadt a game that both bands are fighting to avoid downgrade.

Both bars separate one point. Sibenii is in place of barracks, but Dan Alexa's team is the first to win the 2nd league. Two groups of this season met twice, Hermannstadt once pressed, even Calarasi, score 1-0.

Danube Calarasi – Hermannstadt Possible Commands:

Dunărea Călăraşi (4-4-2): Straton – Enache, Dobrosavlevici, S. Luchin, G. Mendy – Ammari, G. Simion, Ben Djemia, St. Filip – G. Iancu, H. Keyt
Reserve: Calancea, G. Popa, Gligorov, Mediop, Henderson, Ianis Stoica, D. Benzar
Coach: Dan Alexa

Hermannstadt (5-3-2): Crazy – Măţel, Mijuskovici, Dandea, I. Stoica, Tătar – L. Dumitriu, Offenbacher, Serediuc – Lendrici, Tsoumou
Reserve: Niga, Dâlbea, P. Petrescu, Jazvici, I. Antonov, Acsinte, Blaru
Coach: Vasile Miriuţă

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