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U Craiova duel – FC U Craiova seen on LIVE VIDEO. Whoever conveys


U Craiova II and FC U Craiova meet on the town's derby, Friday at 14:00 in the extensive stadium, in league 3. This is a pride taking into account the debate between the two clubs and the fans to watch the LIVE VIDEO match on Youtube and Facebook and FANATIK.RO.

UPDATE The controversial match between U Craiova II and FC U Craiova ended with 1-1 points
UPDATE Madness starts at the stadium. FC U's gallery was evicted after a part of the sector was destroyed where it stood.
UPDATE GOOOAL FC IN CRAIOVA! Florin Costea hits the opponent's goal.
UPDATE GOOOOL CSU CRAIOVA 2! 71 minutes into the game, Luis Niţu had a great chance to put his team ahead, but his kick from the left went wide.
UPDATE CSU Craiova did not pass a penalty! Ovidiu Bic came in from the right, shooting hard to score after a goal from the right, but his header was blocked by the keeper.
UPDATE The match will continue after a quarter of a break
UPDATE The match was interrupted and the two teams went to the locker room. The whole scene went from the pyrotechnic article used in FC U's gallery, fans fired at CSU Craiova players.

UPDATE. Adrian Mititelu's fans were defeated and thrown by law enforcement forces after attempting to penetrate the extensive stadium, which is the League 3 duel.

UPDATE. You started the game. See the match LIVE VIDEO here.

UPDATE. In the communal match, the U Craiova II hosts wrote about their guests without using their name. FC U Craiova became a "visitor".

Record from U Craiova before the U Craiova duel begins

The ledge is hosted by the II. Craiova, who announced that only subscribers can take part in the match and make their guests 300 tickets cost two lei pieces. Craiova II – FC U Craiova at Yotube and Facebook channels at Craiova University and the club's official website,

U Craiova II duel – FC U Craiova you can see LIVE VIDEO

The hosts announced that they did not bring players from the big team, but used the "guest team" as well in describing Adrian Mititelu's club for official communication: "Before, during and after the game, the" guest team "will be used for the Adrian Mititelu band. "patronage continuity", the guest team uses abusively the name of our club, the coat of arms of our club and the official hymn of our club.

All elements of identity belong to the University of Craiova, that is, all over the world, among the supporters of science and the city. Thank you and look forward to the match, which we see as a good heat for the more important game that the first scientific team will support on the same day in Iasi ", is presented the official website of Oltenia.

U Craiova II – FC U Craiova, 3rd League, will be held on Friday at 14:00, in format LIVE VIDEO next FANATIK.RO.

Zoran Ljubikovic and Madalin Ciuca celebrated FC U Craiova - U Craiova 0-0, from the 2nd League, on September 14, 2013.
Zoran Ljubikovic and Madalin Ciuca welcomed the match FC U Craiova – U Craiova 0-0

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