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"Two years after the European Commission approved the Danube Strategy, I allowed the document I published on Ziarul Financiar on 23 November 2010. I have this document ahead and I will quote it to see how useful these proposals are. and perhaps we can make inventory (…) with what has been done. (…) We started this article with a question – how do we avoid traps? (…) We talked about a project that you all heard – the Danube-Bucharest Canal. To understand why this is a huge mistake, this Bucharest-Danube channel project will have little history to do. The idea of ​​a channel project linking Bucharest with the Danube comes from the moment water transport is likely to be a priority, railways and even less road transport were not an alternative, "said the Taricean National Forum on the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region, organized in Parliament's Palace

He recalled that the project was launched in the present form at the beginning of the nineties, not from economic considerations, but from the incredible expectations of the great leader of the political party, but also wanted to contribute to long unnecessary projects, the lack of economic or other criteria in countries where is totalitarian or dictatorial leadership. "

According to the Senate, the channel would have a "Pharaonic dimension" – the 5 locks are 60 km long and the project is in fact the layout of the lower course, Argeş, which is a big alu-bearer, which would mean that there is a river catchment area for flood relief.

"Therefore, the most favorable approach to this project shows that this channel is not necessary because, from an economic point of view, it is not related to real needs, in this case, trade in goods, the size of which justifies such an investment. You must keep in mind that the railway line connecting Bucharest and Giurgiu has not been in operation for more than 10 years.After the flood the Grădiştea bridge was damaged in 2005, and today it has not been repaired. If there was such an economic need, the first and easiest thing would be to repair the railways to meet this need (…) To better understand The harmful nature of such an economic project, we should ask a simple question in the Ministry of Transport – for many decades, we have to calculate the Channel of the Danube and the Black Sea, and then we get an answer to this question, and we can also tell you about the Bucharest-Danube channel. "According to Agerpres, Tariceanu said.

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