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The film's "Morometii 2" huge failure at Teleroman


The projection of Moreno 2 films in Alexandria was a failure as hundreds of viewers grew and left the Polyvalent Hall due to the very poor sound and air conditioning noise. The city of the area where the writer Marin Preda was born has no cinema.

Only a few minutes after Morome 2, hundreds of spectators stood up and left the Alexandria Polyvalent Hall, accusing them of extremely bad sound and strange noise in air conditioners, Mediafax writes.

The city's cultural home in Alexandria has only a small cinema, but its capacity is just over 70, and it could not support the significant event in which the "Morometii 2" was taken to Captain.

The organizers of the event, the Transilvania International Film Festival, decided to shoot the film in one of the largest city halls, namely the Polyvisational Hall for sporting events. The acoustics of the room did not allow projection in any way, therefore, during the film, hundreds of people left nervous and anxious.

Carmen Petrescu, who went to see the film, wrote his frustration with Facebook.

"I hope to witness the release of a special cultural event, the rarity in our city, namely the release of Morome 2 in the Alexandria Hall. The event was" special ", but not from a cultural or technical point of view." Breasts sound like any criticism, as well as ventilation / air conditioning systems " "Because of the background noise, the actors' statements were incomprehensible, which made it possible for me to leave the room in ten minutes together with other dozens (maybe eventually hundreds of spectators). Absolutely condemning the gesture of the organizers, in order not to have the minimum sound / acoustic evidence in the room to determine if it is suitable for such a It's a shame, waste of time and hopelessness. I will definitely go to see him at the cinema or in the Bucharest shopping center, because we still do not have cinema in Alexandria, "wrote a woman.

And Florent Mocanu made his point because he was very angry.

"Alexandria, July 11, 2013, separate event, projection of" Morometi "2. Political Chamber: Complete refusal: The starting time is delayed by 15 minutes, so that all those who have tickets can enter the room and fail due to abundance. No, the deputy chairman has to speak with a few words, after all, it begins, but … what is it? See with any criticism, people start protesting, after a 7-8 minute chin they start to abandon, and we are also on the left: in Alexandria, the area In the municipality without a cinema, there is no theater, philharmonic or even union medicine. In 2018, 11 years after joining the EU, local authorities have been almost equal for many years and had to solve these problems, or maybe they do not see themselves from their height of function. The celebrity see the Alexandrian film and those coming from all corners of the area are frustrated with a lack of respect and responsibility, "writes Man on Facebook.

After the event, Alexandria City Hall sent the guilty to the organizers.

"The Polyvinational Hall was supposed to take place in the preview of Morome 2. The event was so anticipated that it filled the entire space. to test the sound conditions and this has led to a very unpleasant situation. As films will be screened in cinemas since November 14th, we expect you to watch a movie in the Cultural House under normal viewing conditions, "said Alexandria City Council.

Transylvania's international film also announced that the team was liable for failure, but project promoters argue that it is unacceptable that a city like Alexandria does not have enough space for scenes or theatrical performances.

"From the beginning, we have assumed that there will be situations in which we will create these special projections in alternative spaces that do not have the design, design and equipment needed to best fit the cinematic performance conditions, but in reality I have no other option. It was unacceptable that in a city with a lot of people interested in film, theater and many other wonderful cultural works (as in the case of Alexandria), last night (Wednesday night), it once again shows that the cinema has (at least) a proper cinematic necessity. also in alternative or improvised spaces), there is no place to facilitate public encounters with these cultural manifestations. We have learned lessons, we will organize more forecasts in smaller rooms to avoid complex problems, and yet we will return to those who ask for tickets for tickets – if they t Included in the box, you can return them, and you will receive money back; for those who have purchased online, they will be returned directly to the account on which they were paid upon request, "the International Transilvania Film Festival shows in a press release.

The movie MoromeŇ£ii 2 was transferred to the Talon commune in Teleorman, in the house of the writer Marina Preda.

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