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The Chinese spy would have stolen Apple's secrets for autonomous cars

The last few days were dominated by news spying from Huawei USA, and now we know it an Apple spy hit. One of them was caught when steal secrets Informing Cupertino about your project autonomous car.

Spy tried to send secrets to Chinese XMotors, but FBI arrested. Beware of this information, because all sources talk to "be done", "possible" and "maybe. This person was employed by Apple and was detained a day before the flight to China, and thousands of important files were copied on her laptop.

Many were Intel's intellectual property, which was achievable with the Chinese electric car manufacturer. It is not the first time this happens and it is the second time in six months when a Chinese worker is hidden from Apple's own driving zone. The Apple project is on standby and has been blocked several times since its debut in 2015.

At one point, engineers were moved to other projects, and Apple had left the car and wanted to develop its own driving system for other vehicle brands. Apple has started to look at Jizhong Chen by another employee. Apple saw their shooting in unauthorized places. Stolen things included manuals, diagrams, and charts found on his computer.

She also had hundreds of photos taken at Apple's offices. Chen has recently used a copy of the Tesla Model 3 for XMotors Autonomous Automobile Company, which produced the SUV's Xpeng G3 (photo above). Last week Apple would have redeployed another 200 employees from Titan to other projects, so it's clear that things are not right.

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