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The BiHorA Higher School leadership was dismissed after accusations that the students were damaged by electricity


USR Senator Vlad Aleksandrscu complains about the use of electric shock for children with mental health problems at the boarding school of the Specialized Technology College Nr. 1 from Oradea and their strike with security gendarmers. ISJ Bihor dismisses high school management, MEDIAFAX correspondent reports.

Image of the Bohor High School is dismissed after charges of being damaged by electricity

The BiHorA Higher School leadership was dismissed after accusations that the students were damaged by electricity

Representatives of the ISJ Bihor told the MEDIAFAX correspondent on Thursday that the competent authorities are investigating violence against children.

"After the school inspectors' teams tested Oradea Special Technology First Class No. 1 on a number of occasions, the latter was held on Wednesday, and the ISJ Bihor Administration Council decided to end the Education Unit Management Contracts. The decision was taken after management and administrative assessment at the school management level.

When it comes to publicly available information on possible forms of abuse among pupils in this school, we announce that investigations are being coordinated by the competent authorities, "said sources.

On Facebook, the USR Senator, Vlad Alexandrescu, entitled "Gendarmerie for Children with Psychiatric Problems," suggests that children suffering from autism, mental retardation or other mental illness come from a technology school for students with special needs in Oradea, "Because they need special attention. and easier to integrate into society. "

"A few weeks ago there was a terrible incident where a student of arts and craftsmanship forced one of the mentally retarded children to make an oral sex interview with another colleague with psychological problems. All day in the high school courtyard with video cameras. The case was filed only after a week and the aggressor was arrested. What is being done by the school administration? Instead of focusing on providing psychiatric assistance to the victim or conducting an investigation to find out why students are not subject to teacher oversight, the first thing to do is to call on the gendarmerie to ensure the security of the higher schools. The so-called police force is guarded just at night and just at boarding school, "emphasized Alexandrescu.

According to him, things have not changed for the better, but, on the contrary, have received written complaints from their parents, stating that gendarmers who should protect their children "abuse them in the worst possible way".

"The gendarmers behave like brutal, go to the children's rooms, kicks and electric them with electric shocks. Children with severe psychiatric problems receiving treatment and shaking specialists." One-half of the special high school pupils come from the exhibition center. They have no parents to bring him In a hospital, they would see if they are good or caring for their wounds. They do not have the voice to contact with help. Without parental statements, they stay in this hell, if no one knows their suffering, said the senator in the United States.

He stated that he had filed a complaint with the Office of the Prosecutor of Bihor and notified the Children's Attorney, the Children's Rights Protection and Adoption Authority.

On Wednesday night, Vlad Alexandrescu posted another statement to Facebook stating that following his petitions, the Gendarmerie Bihor had stated that Gandarmans were not the ones who beat Oradea High School children with clubs and a power crash, and the Bihar District Council said that their private security guards the company is not guilty.

"But I have not seen a statement by any thinker jumping about defending some of the autistic children, mentally retarded or other mental illnesses, because they were won and damaged by the council where they teach. The main problem for institutions is the release of a gendarmerie and a private security company. horrific abuse cases and pictures, screenshots of children's fears and a forensic certificate of child injuries. A half of the interned children have no parents to be able to write to someone else or complain because they are orphans. The same children can not express what they have suffered, except screams, because they suffer from these mental disorders, "said the senator in the United States.

Alexandrescu said violence against children is currently being considered by the Office of Public Prosecutors.

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