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The Alternative Dispute Resolution Center received more than 1000 notifications in 10 months


More than a thousand Romanian applications have been submitted to the Bank or to IFN in the Association's Alternative Dispute Resolution Center (CSALB) this year, which exceeded the threshold on October 30, 2018.

The article on an alternative solution to the Financial Dispute Resolution Center received more than 1000 submissions in 10 months

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Center received more than 1000 notifications in 10 months

"It is likely that by the end of 2018, the number of applications will be more than twice the number registered in 2017 when 505 consumers dealt with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Center in the banking sector," the Center's representatives reported.

The total number of applications comes from more than 200 online applications, which operated on the site for only three months.

After negotiations with banks, 280 Romanian people found solutions to their problems in the first ten months of the year, compared to the same period of 2017.

"Since the beginning of the year 430 files have been passed and we have reached 280 cases where consumers and banks have found a common solution that clearly increases CSALB's activity and tacitly raising awareness and raising citizens' interest in peaceful settlement of bank complaints." – said Alexandru Paunescu, a member of the CSALB Coordination College.

The first application registered in the center was in March 2016.

Consumers can appeal to the CSALB: appeals on the amounts exempted from execution; situations related to money isolated through programs funded by European funds; bad debts or bank transfers; early termination of deposits or other issues related to bank deposits; financial-banking or credit card situations.

The Center provides two types of litigation. The first is the solution proposal (conciliation) that ends after the solution adopted by the parties is adopted. The second procedure is a solution (arbitration), which is binding on both sides. The procedure is similar to that contained in the Civil Procedure Code, but the deadlines are shorter, up to 90 days and can be agreed upon by mutual agreement. The parties can not withdraw the procedure.

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