Wednesday , February 8 2023

Technical issues for BRD Customers with Mastercard


BRD customers who have cards issued by Mastercard payment schemes, according to customer bank information, can not conduct online transactions due to a technical problem.

Romania's third-largest bank in Romania, according to its asset value, BRD has approximately 2 million cards issued under the MasterCard logo and cards that are currently unable to perform transactions online due to technical problems.

Bank representatives contacted, have confirmed that they are currently facing a technical issue that prevents users from doing online business and that they are trying to fix it as soon as possible. As for POS transactions or write-off of ATMs, bank representatives indicated that they were not affected by a technical issue.

BRD SocGen's first half-year profit was down by 757 million, which is about a third compared to the same period in 2017. The result is based on an increase of 10% in net bank income, but also on positive risk costs.

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