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Surprising case in Sloboda: Prosecutor has punished 5000 lei for policemen who stopped him in traffic


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Surprising case in Sloboda: Prosecutor has punished 5000 lei for policemen who stopped him in traffic

Prosecutor Mihai Laurentiu from the Slobozia court added the prosecutor's office at the beginning of November to change two police officers who stopped traffic in July. According to the injunction signed by the prosecutor, MEDIAFAX, the police car stopped because it exceeded the legal speed and ended ITP, and the whole procedure for amending and abolishing registration plates prompted him to delay prosecution.

"Without a rigorous sentence, it would create a dangerous precedent, promoting not only the author but also other poor guards, with an example of power, on premeditation of offenses, committing similar offenses against other magistrates, intimidating magistrates, or why making similar acts is a threat to any citizen, and The recognition of the opposite conclusion would mean that we therefore agree that any road policeman, on the assumption that the judge has violated the sanction, has the opportunity not only to change the judge but also to detain him more than he is liable for legal proceedings purposeful, revengeful, regrettable or even aimless, based on the unilateral manifestation of will and subsequent subjective justifications, even temporarily suspending the duties of a judge, without using any leverage effect to punish the relevant policeman, which obviously contradicts the important role given by the legislator to magistrates, saying public order and defending social norms ", police say police are being punished.

According to the police, at that moment, the judge was fined a sum of 2,155 lei, and during the whole procedure, it was impressed by the representatives who delayed the claim. The prosecutor said he was delayed for several hours because the police refused to take him to the prosecutor's office, although they were heading for Sloboda.

"In the implementation of these provisions, the legislature did not allow the police to take power over road sanctions far less against a judge. (…) In this context, taking into account the seriousness of the matter, the application of a maximum fine is a strictly necessary measure intended to inform the relevant police officers of the seriousness of the detention of a judge ", the document states.

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