Wednesday , February 8 2023

Sinead O & # 39; Connor is shocked again. This time he made racist claims


Sinead O & # 39; Connor again danced after declaring that he had converted to Islam! The singer wrote that he no longer wants to speak to white people because they are disgusting. Since converting to Islam, Sinead is called Shuhada Davitt. An Irish star may have apologized for a racist Twitter statement. But he says he will no longer spend time with white people. Mourning for many years suffered due to mental disorders. She is married 4 times and has children with 4 different men. Sinead O & # 39; Connor last year argued that her deceased mother was "buried" and had sexually exploited her childhood several times. A family member released her in 2016, fearing she had committed suicide. However, it was found at a Chicago hotel. In recent years, she has left her homeland in Ireland, where her four children are settled in the United States. Her ex-boyfriend and manager, 70-year-old Fachtna O & # 39; Ceallaigh, sued her for defamation and broke with her when she posted an open letter online to her. He asks for a compensation of 452,000 pounds. The singer proves to be alone in court after he has dismissed his lawyer.

Sinead O & # 39; Connor danced the world after going to Islam

Sinead O & # 39; Connor recently announced that he had abandoned the Catholic religion to worship Allah. Last Thursday, shortly before midnight, she shook the entire planet when she posted her photo on Twitter, saying, "I'm proud to be Muslim." Irene Sinead O & # 39; Connor has changed her name in Magda Davitt in 2017. He has repeatedly stated that he did this "to get rid of the disciples from his parents." Sinead O & # 39; Connor was born in 1966 in Dublin, Ireland. She became known in the late 1980s with The Lion and The Cobra. So far, he has released 10 more albums. In August 2017, Sinead O & # 39; Connor created a surprise on the planet while filming at Trevelodge's motel where he stayed in New Jersey. By registering, she supports all her loved ones, accuses "the bad men who deter her from her children" and states that she has completed her life. "My only life is the doctor and psychiatrist – who is the most useful person in the world – for which they are still alive. I want everyone to know what it is like to be alone and click on the stop magnet. So I'm recording this video .. "she said then. Sinead O & # 39; Connor is shocked again saying white people are disgusted.

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