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Samsung GALAXY X production

Samsung GALAXY X. After a lot of information from the last week of presentation, a folding phone is being developed by Samsung, which is currently on the market. Another appeared today in connection with the Samsung GALAXY X and, according to the company's official statement, will produce at least 1 million identical prefabricated phones, although the initial figure was announced only from 500,000 to 1 million units.

Samsung GALAXY X. The Samsung Mobile Division seems to be the one who has offered this information, and the number of 1 million units is just one beginning, since production could be higher. Samsung will wait to see what kind of sales Samsung GALAXY X will record after its release, and if there is a big demand for the phone, the output will be increased to meet customer needs and needs.

Samsung GALAXY X. The manufacturer's RADICAL decision

Samsung GALAXY X. Samsung is currently planning to launch the phone in the first half of 2019, so we talk about a very long January-June, but it's likely that a clear date will be revealed. Although Samsung GALAXY X is expected to be featured in CES 2019, 2019 Mobile World Congress is likely to be the event where the official presentation will be followed by the launch of the phone.

"The production of the main products is around 1 million units in the same volume as Samsung Electronics. The plans for the folders will be more than 1 million units and, if the market reaction is good, it can lead to more."

Samsung GALAXY X. At the moment, everyone is waiting to see what kind of user this first handset will offer, as many of these smartphones look like we know it now. The expectations are very high and the Samsung GALAXY X will only be the beginning, and that is because we will see similar handsets introduced by Samsung and other Chinese companies.

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