Monday , February 6 2023



"In the past year, we have learned that love must be lived, perceived and subjected to less or transformed into words, because when it comes to me and Damian, non-verbal among us is stronger than the other verbal. For last year it was full of challenges, trials and achievements, the year in which I felt more, I lived every moment, and I loved it very much with the man I was next to.

I learned from the things we crossed. This year, we can say that we have evolved from each point of view, and everyone has realized that no one's dream is too thick and that everything you want to do is accomplished. Of course, one of the most exciting moments in couple life is, of course, the demand for marriage. I did not expect it to happen in a second, especially in the context of our television. The feeling that the former relationship was amazed does not mean that such a special and intimate affair was made public, so I stuck in and I did not know how to react.

I knew Damian was spontaneous and unpredictable, but I do not think so. In addition to the rise and fall of our relationship, we have brought together two essential things: the dagger has allowed us to overcome all the obstacles, passions and the common vision that we have in music. Everything that feels and everything I can say is that I am happy, I love and loved me. Damian Drăghici, thank you for going out! "Is Kristin Stroe a message.

Cristina Stroe and Damian Drăghici sang at the show "Speak to the World" today, and at the end the singer built and hand-picked in a magnificent ring: "I want you to be my wife, because I love you so much."

Damian Drăghici asked his wife, Cristina Stroe, to live on television. Both sang together the performances "Speak the world", and at the end the singer would travel and, with a great ring in his hand, "I want you to be my wife, because I love you very much".

The 48-year-old artist's initiative surprised the young artist, "Well, do you all know?" But there was a lot of moments and … after some answers from Cove and Adela Popescu, Cristina Stroe simply said, "Okay." An emotional moment was filmed by Adela Popescu, who wrote in her Facebook registration register: "Demand for marriage. Damian Draghici, you did it!"

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