Thursday , August 11 2022



Nokia 9 release

Nokia 9. The launch date for this new phone model was developed by HMD Global, which seems to have prepared the phone much faster than expected a few months ago. Although the Nokia 9 has been approved for release since the beginning of this year, it has not yet been released, but according to some data, it seems today that it will reach consumers around the world at the beginning of 2019.

Nokia 9. The volume was transferred to the launch of the new phone in September, but the sale was scheduled for March, but it seems to have been upgraded in January. The 2019 Mobile World Congress was the event that was to feature Nokia 9, but it seems that it could be seen in CES 2019 or, at worst, sometime in February, but even then we are talking about a change for good fans.

Nokia 9. LANGUAGE DATA is enhanced

Nokia 9. At first, the phone was delayed because HMD Global did not think the phone was well-prepared for it to start, but things seemed to have changed. The video display above shows a Nokia 9 video footage based on the phone's production sketches, as it is probably clear that fast action is now in place, which is perfectly normal.

Nokia 9. We expect to see a 5.9-inch diagonal screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip and 8 GB of RAM, so the phone could benefit from the latest device, which is different from version 9. If the Nokia 9 will actually be offered in February or later in February, then we can expect it to be launched in February or at least in March, but it is still unclear and how much it could cost.

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