Friday , June 2 2023

Nicoleta Lucius stops fattening! How did he come to search now


Nicoleta Luciu lost control of the kilos! The former Playboy Bunny has grown to become a trusted mother's copy.

After 38, Nicoleta Lucio drew attention to family life and the perfect silhouette of Rubens' shapes.

The previous model has lost pounding, and pictures tell it.

In fact, including Nikoleta Lucius recently admitted that he grew fat and the housewife's life was positioned the way he looked.

The star said she was trying to conceal her fatigue in her makeup, but she acknowledged that the surplus weight was even on her face.

"Now I have made a little bag to make it not as tired as I feel, because I was sleeping at this hour. I have jaws, I am a shit. We are doing home and children. I signed the boys, I won all three hockey, I do hockey "said Nicoleta Lucius.

Nikoleta Lucio drew attention to the life of a housewife Miercurea-Ciuc with her husband and four children. With a glow on the TV, she forgot the colorful diet that kept her shape, and the pounds that were silently collected in her body.

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