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Ministry of European Affairs without a title. Victor Negrescu left the government without explanations


The information was only available in the sixth press, "from sources", without many explanations, from the minister, from the government, or from the PSD.

Give explanations to the party

"The Presidency of the Council of the European Union is Romania, of all Romanians, not delegated ministers", Announced Negrescu, without explaining the reasons why this step was taken. He said he would give explanations to the government and the PSD. There were several reasons for this, including the inability to support the preparation and implementation of the Romanian Presidency in the Council of the EU.

The empty office is ready

The resignation minister yesterday published a Facebook message that he was attacked "aggressively in the press" and that it remains to be seen whether this respondent's attitude "is a normal and real proof of collegiality and support." Negrescu claims that before his resignation, he was assessed for his work as head of the ministry. Perhaps he referred to Eugene Teodorovich. The new minister said he wanted the continuity of work he had done, and that on Friday, when he left the office, he left everything he was ready for next week.

All PSDs are prayers

PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrins Ştefănescu said that he had asked Negrescu to change his mind, overcome his personal pride and return to government. Ştefănescu says that the resignation minister will resume his duties. "He said it was a stressful decision. He will return to it and inform the party's chairman and prime minister, said the Social Democrats. In addition, Stefanscu did not just interfere. According to Evz's political sources, even Liviu Dragnea is trying to convince him to return to government. The same sources indicate that Negrescu was asked to dismiss the workers in the Ministry of Restructuring, but he did not agree and wanted to leave.

Crash with flight attendants

Ministers Rovana Pumb and Eugen Teodorovici (photo) were the first to confirm the resignation of Negrescu. Government sources yesterday announced to Evenimentul Zile that the minister's resignation was after he talked about two of his trips this week in Brussels and Strasbourg, for which he could not come to an agreement. "It was a discussion between colleagues. After the government meeting, they discussed the question of who is going to Brussels, the prime minister told him he was going, but he was probably a personal concern and resigned" says the sources. While Plumbs said that the resignation of Negrescu was "something of a personal nature," Teodorovichi said that the visit to Brussels was shaking Negresco. He explained that the Deputy Minister would have been offended that the Minister of Finance or the Minister for European Funds would accompany him in Strasbourg. "He does not seem to know what he means in a team, he does not know how to work in a team" Teodorovici said a statement that even worse Negrescu.

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