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IT predicts for 2019: "One-way" battle, more intelligent cities and stakes in the block – Business


The beginning of the new year is a good opportunity to discuss future technology trends. One of the largest technology companies has been analyzing technological developments, how consumers will adapt to new changes, and how new businesses will develop in the future.

Samsung has asked some Samsung users to talk about technology forecasts in 2019. These include Amit Garg, Christina Bechhold Russ, venture capitalists, Raymond Liao, privacy expert, and Tareq Aljaber, a deep learning expert.

Investment funds

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in corporate investment funds around the world, which was to be expected in the context of the "one-billion-dollar" explosion. dollars) affecting global growth. In 2019, entrepreneurs are expected to compete more for capital to their companies. In 2017 and 2018, many IPOs have been registered and experts expect the situation to be as good in 2019. This liquidity exchange will help start-ups.

Smart Cities

As the number of devices that can be connected to the Internet increases, the rapid increase in data volume requires bandwidth. In 2019, the development of 5G networks will be accelerated, in particular as regards value and use case studies. Networks will need new data flow detection mechanisms – edge computing solutions as well as storage solutions. There is already an intelligent home concept, but also different distributors offering independent services. We expect these solutions, which can also be applied to cities, to cover the interests of city administrations wishing to introduce technology, but who now have difficulties with implementation.


The amount of data stored in the cloud storage system will be overloaded and will need to work with edge computing. Cloud computing will maintain scalability and processing power that can handle large amounts of data. The computing edge system, which is closer to the user, will provide computing capability, reducing connectivity, but without requiring high security. In 2019, we will see how blockchain becomes a key technology for decentralized systems. By providing a common trust-based work system, the block chain will allow decentralization of collaboration and scale-up of devices of different scales without unnecessary centralization of a third party.

AI / Deep Learning

Deep learning is a huge amount of data, experimental results and intensive computing requirements. Data researchers spend a lot of time on the operational side of the process rather than focusing on their core competencies. It is important to develop a deep learning culture based on transparency and shared responsibility, so in 2019 DeepOps will expand by collaborating with data engineers and deep training professionals to build a deep network. effective learning.


In the area of ​​payments, developers will work to make the payment experience of consumers as easy as possible. More and more non-bank companies will contribute to the development of payments, giving priority to consumer experience.


Healthcare professionals in the healthcare sector will work to develop a coherent system of patients, healthcare providers and pharmacies. Only 10% of successful companies in this sector directly address the consumer. This trend will evolve in 2019 and experts believe that the remaining 90% can be differentiated by integrating regular workflows and industry rules so that a coherent strategy would allow the health system to develop more effective programs.

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