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INS has announced products for which RAZNA priced in December – News Sources


In December, potatoes and other vegetables and canned vegetables were the most expensive in the food category in December, as well as airline fares according to the National Statistics Institute (INS) data published on Monday. , reports Agerpres.

Thus, the price of potatoes rose by 5.73% in December and 39.64% compared to December 2017, while other vegetables and canned vegetables increased by 5.25% to 23.46%. Compared to the previous month, vegetables and canned vegetables increased by 4.16% compared to the end of the previous year.

On the contrary, citrus fruits and other fruit fruits were the cheapest in December – by 3.46% compared to November and 8.54% compared to December 2017. t , 0.62% and 8.36% compared to the end of the previous year.

For non-food prices, the highest price increase in December was in comparison with November for tobacco and cigarettes (+ 1.22%) and heat (+ 0.75%). Compared to December 2017, tobacco and cigarette consumption is rising by 4.94% and heating by 4.60%, with the highest increase of 16.61%, although the price has remained unchanged from the previous month.

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According to CIS centralized data, air transport services increased by 9.13% in December and 0.52% in hygiene and cosmetics services. compared to December 2017, the increase was 23.44% and 5.29% respectively.

According to a publication by the National Institute for Statistics published on Monday, annual inflation fell slightly to 3.3% in December last year, compared with 3.4% in November.

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According to the National Bank of Romania, annual inflation for 2018 is 3.5%.

In December 2018, compared to December 2017, food products grew by 3.10%, non-food products by 3.75% and services – by 2.44%.

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