Thursday , January 27 2022

Huawei EMUI is forbidden to use Launcher .MD


EMUI (Emotion UI) software is synonymous with Huawei devices, and it greatly promotes the benefits of its software against the market for Android devices. However, it will soon appear that Huawei users using "launcher" applications to change the look of the interface will have problems because the Chinese company will restrict access to this type of change.

This step seems to be inspired by Apple, which prevents applications from changing the interface. In fact, Huawei will no longer allow run-time applications to run at startup, which requires running after each reboot.

The reason seems to be the safety and performance of the device, as some developers collect data about users using this type of application, but lack of optimization can lead to device activity.

Currently, Huawei applies this restriction only in China, where EMUI is probably more valuable than in Western countries. Changes are made with EMUI 9.0, an operating system pre-installed on Huawei Mate 20 and based on Android 9.0 Pie. So far EMUI 9.0 only received high-end models launched last year, but since 2019 and other "modest" models will be upgraded to the new software.

Given how similar they are to EMUI and iOS design and functionality, these details are not surprising, and Huawei always wants to offer a similar experience to Apple devices in the Android software environment. Now that it is starting to limit the personalization of this interface, EMUI could become a more compelling alternative to Apple's software, writes

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