Sunday , February 28 2021

How useful is the camera on the Apple Watch smartphone

How useful is the camera on the Apple Watch smartphone

Apple is looking for ways to integrate the camera into the Apple Watch range of smartphones, with a particular focus on systems that prevent the camera from being trapped in a device that is not suitable for it.

Taking into account the small and powerful camera technology today, it seems tempting to try to put something in your cameras. However, there are some devices that do not have much logic, such as a smartphone.

But it seems that the company is interested. AppleInsider's recently discovered patent found that the company could have imagined that the goal was integrated into Apple Watch's smartphone.

Well, the purpose of this goal is not to capture oneself, but other things. For example, Face Detection, which allows you to make video calls with the Apple Watch SmartWatch.

For example, when integrating the camera, wide-angle lens and various sensors, users can make FaceTime calls to Apple Watch, even if the smartphone is strangely held.

The camera and software can be used to collect data images to create a more appropriate look. Also, we would not be surprised if the camera technology of Apple Watch could somehow incorporate the Face ID function.

So, by removing the smartwatch girls level, you can quickly sign up for payments using the Apple Pay service.

In any case, this is an interesting patent, although its inclusion in the Apple Watch smart watch band limits the ability to customize. But, given that this is just a patent, it is not clear that the company will implement it in practice. It's possible that the company only looks at this idea, rather than developing it.

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