Wednesday , September 22 2021

Grandma with 9 grandchildren has become a quadruple mother

Tracey Britten, grandmother with 9 grandchildren, became a fourfold mother, she is also an elderly quadruple mother in Britain, writes Daily Mail.

A woman is 50 years old and needs a fourth child, although she already has two grown children – two girls and a boy who gave her 9 grandchildren between the ages of seven and 11 years.

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To realize her dream, Tracey Britten has invested 7,000 pounds in in vitro fertilization procedures.

Her dream was filled and she became not one mother but four children: two twin girls, one more girl and a little boy.

"I wanted a baby and I was blessed with four. That's a miracle. I did not understand that I wrote the story. I'm grateful. I can not wait to take him home," said a woman.

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